Sex Therapy

Concerns about sexuality and sexual problems are incredibly common. Yet, talking about them or seeking therapy are equally uncommon. Sometimes this is because we think of adult subjects the same way we picture a nude photograph, as x-rated. As a result, many people suffer needlessly in silence.

But sexuality isn’t just about problems. It’s also about how to enjoy sex the most you possibly can. Sometimes this is strictly a personal issue and sometimes it’s a relationship issue. Many of us did not grow up in an atmosphere of feeling comfortable with our sexual selves, nor were we surrounded by adults willing to talk to us comfortably about our sexuality. We have discomforts, hang-ups and questions about our sexual behaviors.

Within relationships, many times the sexual relationship deteriorates to a poor or nonexistent one. Frequently, people don’t really know how it happened or what to do about it. Many, many basically good relationships go down the tubes because the sex went bad.

The following are some of the common problems which can be addressed in therapy:

  • low interest in sex
  • erection difficulties
  • relationship difficulties which may include sexuality issues
  • difficulty achieving orgasm
  • painful intercourse
  • sexual difficulties within a relationship, e.g. frequency of sex, unwelcome behaviors of one partner