Marriage and Couples Counseling

When couples experience tension, increasing conflict and unhappiness, it can seem like such a mystery that a relationship that once felt so warm and loving has developed into one of pain, disappointment and disconnection. Feeling disconnected and/or experiencing conflicts and tension,  can seem so distressing that the possibility of redeveloping a loving and fun relationship can seem dim.

My style of therapy, rooted in Imago therapy, is a particularly effective form of couples counseling and marriage counseling which aims to help couples develop safe and more loving relationships, in which pain and conflict are turned into an opportunity for growth and greater closeness.

Marriage counseling seeks to:

  • Improve communication, increase understanding and closeness
  • Rekindle sexual passion and rebuild a feeling of appreciation in your relationship
  • Address the impact that earlier life experiences, including trauma, may be having in your relationship

Pre-marital Counseling

I help couples start off their lifetime relationships in constructive ways, heading off problems before they start. Many difficulties arise because couples don’t have good ways of resolving even small conflicts and tension.